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Q1. Should 7th or 8th standard students join coaching?

If the student is sharp, hard working and understands the value of practice, he doesn’t need any coaching. Although he can and should for competitive exams like NTSE, NSTSC, KVPY, Mathematical Genius Award etc.

Although if this is not the case and he needs help, he should not hesitate from joining coaching where we can see to their improvement and work on areas that need furnishing.

Q2. Should 9th standard students join coaching?
9th class is where the foundation of mathematics is laid. If he joins coaching, at least for mathematics, we can lay a deep and strong foundation of mathematics, whose fruit; students will definitely reap in the coming years of their lives.
Q3. Should 3rd or 4th class students join coaching?
No, not general coaching, but in today’s competitive world, the coaching of Mathematics with VABRI, providing the concepts of Vedic, Russian and Basic Mathematics, would definitely give the students an edge!
Q4. Which coaching should 11th and 12th class students take?
A coaching that focuses on basic concepts of what they have in their course and the one that gives them to do self-study is beneficial for students. There’s no need of hogging the students for 4-5 hours per day. In that case, dealing with school and then such a coaching would leave the child completely drained with no energy or enthusiasm for self study.

Q5. Which subject should I choose after 10th?

This is a question that’s both very important and the one that has to be answered independently. Each student is different and each one of them has different interests and aptitude towards different subjects. For the same, CBSE has begun to give an Aptitude Test, for which only 10th class students can appear for. This is a very good move by CBSE and it helps find out the areas of proficiency of the students who take the test. Its result can aid you in taking this crucial decision.
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